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            Through a school counselor who happened to also do a radio show on the weekends was the one who was responsible for my very first job. I was 18 and was learning to do everything from the news to hog reports. I also received my first lesson on just how volatile this business can be, I was fired 6 months later.  The owner eventually died, so I figure I won the war.

            There was a significant gap before my second launch which put me at Classic Hits station in Grand Rapids. I was able to work every shift there was in my three years and went through three general managers, three program directors and almost three complete staff changes. 

            I move up the frequency dial to another station and worked my first morning show, going solo on the AM side of the station while doing weekends on the FM. At the same time, I was also finishing up my college degree in the afternoon’s. Once again, the shifting tides of the business struck, and the station was sold, I was offered a chance to do the overnight show which I declined which put me out of radio for a short time.

            My third launch was the turning point for me staying in the business. A new station was being put on the air and I was once again finding myself on the weekends. The Saturday 10-2 spot became my show for 8 years at the same time, I had some short stints with afternoons, nights and midday’s. Once again, the business shifted as the format went to nobody on the air, I was on another hiatus. However, the bug which is in anyone that does radio was permanent now, I knew I would not close the door ever.

            My fourth launch came from moving to Northern Michigan. I knew nobody here and figured a good way to assist with networking would be to get back in the business again. Plus, some of the radio remotes, the bar picks up the tab. There is always a hidden agenda. Again, I was on weekends without any real thoughts of moving around to any other shift. Then I was approached to handle nights on the Fox and then afternoons.

            It was during my first Cherry Festival remote I was standing outside watching the Blue Angels when a woman and three children came by. Long story short, I went from bachelor hood to having child seats in my car overnight.

            I have truly enjoyed living in Northern Michigan with no plans to leave and very surprised at my stay with the Fox FM, where I have been longer than any other stop on the dial.  Thanks, Northern Michigan for allowing me to move in.