Harold Hartley

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I have been working in entertainment for 18 years and it all  began at the Old Town Playhouse in Traverse City when I was 8 years old. Since then I have been in numerous productions on stage and off stage honing my creative skills, acting, directing, improve, miming, clowning and mascot skills, which has helped me land working for the NBA Chicago Bulls as their Entertainment Assistant for the Spring of 2018. 

Throughout my years as performing as “The Tramp” I have been featured on for my work on  “Larry King Live”, “CNN Radio”, “Detroit Free Press”, AP Press” “Washington Times” and recently “NBA’s Chicago Bulls”. I have also had the true honor and pleasure meeting Gilbert Gottfried, Jeff Garlin, Patton Oswalt, including many more and my personal favorite- Geraldine Chaplin. When I meet Geraldine she held my face stared into my eyes and said “Papa, I missed you so much”. And she also mentioned that “Truly one of the greatest performers of my Father, thank you”. 

I married my best friend Allixandria this past October which I couldn’t be happier and blessed. We live happily together with our two kitties Oliver and Garfield in our wonderful cozy apartment. We meet at the Old Town Playhouse when we were 12 and been acting together since then. Since we both act our daily conversations are filled with plenty of theatrical emotions, laughter, love and happiness.  We are eager to begin our lives together and see the world while achieving our goals and dreams. I couldn’t be happier to finally introduce my best friend as my wife. Absolutely love that.

And lastly I am so excited to be working for Music Radio the Fox FM as one of their evening hosts weekdays from 7 PM to Midnight.  If you like interesting fun facts I have a whole book full of them that I always share on my show to finish up every hour. Huge thank you to Specs Howard School of Media Arts, the employees of Nothern Broadcasting, My family, My loving Wife and to you the listeners! “Keep on Smiling”, “Don’t Give Up” and remember  “Dreams Do Come True”.